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Ethics Management

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Code of Business Ethics

  1. We are responsible for the customers who use our products and services.
    To meet their needs, the quality of our products must always be the topnotch.
  2. All employees who work in our company have a responsibility.
    Every employee should be treated as a human being.
  3. We are responsible for the general human community as well as the communities in which we live and work.
    We shall be good citizens, do good deeds and charity work, and to pay appropriate taxes.
  4. We are responsible for the shareholders of the company.
    Our business shall be able to make good profits, and so new ideas must be constantly expressed.
Oksoo-Hitech Co., Ltd.

Ethical Management Policy

Social Responsibility and Duty

We will fulfill our social responsibilities and duties as a company specializing in laser processing, canning and steel sheet production.

Customer Satisfaction

We will value customer trust as our top priority and will do our best to satisfy our customers with sincerity.

Trust and respect

We will create an organizational culture where we trust and respect each other. We will not engage in any unfair acts related to our jobs.

Compliance with all laws

We will comply with all laws and regulations and will faithfully and fairly carry out the duties of laser foundry processing and steel sheet making. We will never disclose secrets we find out through our work unless there are special regulations in other laws.